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       In Azerbaijan the date of 26 February of every year is the Day of Remembrance to the victims of Khojaly massacre that marked the culmination of aggressive nationalistic policy pursued by Armenia against Azerbaijan. People of Azerbaijan recall this bloody page of its history with profound grief and deplore that the perpetrators of his crime are not yet punished.

        On February 26, 1992 Armenian armed forces, with direct participation of Motorized Infantry Regiment 366 of the former Soviet Union dislocated in Khankendi (Stepanakert) attacked Khodjaly city (where 7 thousands Azerbaijani people had been living by that time) from five directions. Armenians had been keeping Khodjaly under complete siege during previous four months. At that very day of attack three thousand people remained in the town. Population was in need of food and medicines. There were a number of sick, wounded, aged men, women and children in the town.

        Armenians, with the assistance of their foreign accomplices destroyed to the ground and burned the town by the heavy military equipment of Regiment 366. Civic innocent people were murdered, with children, women, elderly and sick being subject to awful tortures and mutilation. Armenians committed a very grave historical crime - Khodjaly genocide against the Azerbaijanis at the end of the 20 century before the eyes of the civilized humankind. The aim of this action was the omnicide of Khodjaly residents. The majority of the residents remained alive only accidentally to live as witnesses of the tragedy.

        As a result of this genocide, 613 peaceful residents were murdered and 1275 taken hostage. The fate of 150 people out of them is still unknown. More than 1000 people were disabled by bullet wound. 83 children, 106 women and 70 elderly were among the killed. 78 people of all the mutilated were minor boys and girls.

        As a result of this military-political crime members of 6 families were murdered to the last man, 25 children lost both parents and 130 children lost one them. 56 men were burned with special cruelty, tortured, beheaded and blinded, pregnant women bayoneted.

        Only small number of Khojaly inhabitants survived this tragedy, they have been waiting the arrival of high moment that they would return to their native lands believing that the Khojaly tragedy is the past history never again to be repeated. They appealed to the Council of Europe to protect the truth and justice and play a vital role in recognition and understanding of this sensitive issue, particularly in helping peoples of European family to develop knowledge and awareness of the event (and their causes) and thinking about the ideologies which led to them and how to prevent any recurrence of them in future.

        So far non-fulfillment of 4 Resolutions of the Security Council of the UN on unconditional withdrawal of Armenian troops from the occupied territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan damages the image of this organization.

        More detailed information, including photo and video materials about Khojaly tragedy can be obtained from the following web-sites:,,,
                                                   (Russian Language Website)
                                                (Russian Language Website)

        Azebaijan HAMs decided to start operation with 4JT/4KT prefixes in commemoration of 17th anniversary of this tragedical events. We hope to get message  accross all countries & make people in all countries to know the truth about the aggression by Armenia.  Special prefixes (4JT/4KT) and special event station (4JT17X) will be on the air in the period from 10th till 28th of February, 2009.

The following HAMs will operate during this period:

banner  4J4K /4K9C- 4JT17X  Boris Gorobec
4J5T - 4JT5T  Natik Kasimov
4J5A - 4JT5A  Sergey Gorobec
4K6RKS - 4KT6RKS Rovshan Guliyev
4K3MA - 4KT3MA Farhad Baloglanov
4J7A - 4JT7A Oktai Kerimov
4J3DJK - 4JT3DJK Oleg Muradov
4K8M - 4KT8M Mikhail Syrov
4K4TA - 4KT4TA Aliyar Geydarov
4K9W - 4KT9W Vlad Shishko 
4J3DGF - 4JT3DGF Oktay Zeynalov

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